Himalay Das


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I am Web Designer, Web Developer, Teacher, Trainer, Cryptocurrency Trade Specialist, Astrologer, Tantrik

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Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh


In the end, all that matter is to get the job done.

Cryptocurrency Trading 95%
95% Complete
Teaching 95%
95% Complete
Astrology 80%
80% Complete
Numarology 80%
80% Complete
HTML 90%
90% Complete
CSS 75%
75% Complete
PHP 75%
75% Complete
WordPress Customization 60%
60% Complete
Photoshop 40%
40% Complete
  • 2016 - now
    Cryptocurrency Trader and Trainer

    I started trading cryptocurrency from 2016 and survived 3 crypto winter. Trained more then 20 students. More then 10 of them are still trading for more then 5 years.

  • 2015 - now

    People believe that if you study Tantra you must be a pro in black magic. But in reality, Tantra is nothing like what you see in the movies. Tantra is the perfect and proper way to live your life in peace and harmony. It take 1000's of life/rebirth and a proper master to learn the knowledge of Tantra. But, you do not need the knowledge of the cosmos to live a happy and healthy life. Tantra have guideline for everything.

  • 2013 - now

    I learned astrology to read my future. When others learned that i know astrology they wanted to learn about their's too. So, now I also calculate future of others too.

  • 2020 - now
    Web Developer

    I started this web development farm to provide low cost development and customization support for the people who wish to develop their own blog or business but can not pay the high cost in the freelancing marketplace.

  • 2017 - 19
    Customer Support

    I used to work for the Nova Exchange as a customer support in Nova Trollbox, then started working in 3rd line support in the support desk. Too bad this great site is now closed.

  • 2017 - 22
    Mathematics Teacher

    K.S.B. Commerce Academy

    I used to work for this coaching center as a mathematics teacher for class 9-10 students.

Web Projects
# Project Name Time Project Type Link Status
1 May, 2021 Custom Visit Complete
2 March, 2020 Wordpress Visit Complete
3 June, 2022 Advert Engine Visit Complete
4 May, 2022 Custom Visit Work in progress
5 January, 2023 Custom Visit Work in progress
6 August, 2022 Advert Engine Visit Complete
7 August, 2022 Advert Engine Visit Complete
8 January, 2023 Advert Engine Visit Complete
9 June, 2023 Advert Engine Visit Complete
10 Planet-It BD August, 2021 WooCommerce Site Closed Complete
11 July, 2023 Advert Engine Visit Complete
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